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Part II of my Suki Cosplay WIP posts. Armor time!

I had a lot of fun with this part. Check out the photo captions for most of the process. To finish it all, I edged everything in black bias tape. The front chest, back and front/back leg panels are sewn together with velcro along one seam. I’d like to replace the velcro with a zipper at some point, but I ran out of time before Geek Girl Con when I first wore it. The side leg panels are also attached with velcro, but it works pretty well in that case so the velcro gets to stay :)

The green belt is a simple belt made of the dark green fabric wrapped around a few times and tied in the back.

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cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat

this cat lives in a show horse barn which is why it walks and runs that way


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Some awesome Harry Potter references.

Harry Potter: The fandom that leaked into all other fandoms.

The Harry Potter fandom is the Queen of all fandoms

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New Exclusive Book 4 Clip

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Twisted Disney Group pictures from Nekocon!

Pictures by the fabulous Yenra Photography

Cinderella/Snow White/Aurora/Pocahontas/Mulan/Wendy

Original art: Twisted Princesses
If you wanna watch our skit, it is right here!

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Harry Potter bloopers 

(Dumbledore’s obviously been visiting Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes)

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Feeling like a modern day Anna in the Middle East. #armylife #closeenoughcosplay #anna #missingcosplay

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So decided to show how my wings are attached to the costume. theres no wire coat hanger as a brace, No ribbon ties at your armpits, and no corset method! But what you will need is a bra with removable straps and clear bra straps!

Lets get started!

1) & 2) Okay! so you have your bra! Remove the straps from the bra! that simple!

3) Now take your straps and adjust them to your preference. Now i got mine from Joann craft and Fabric for $6 but you can basically find them anywhere. preferably go for the plain ones for this method.

4) Now hook the straps to the bra loops in the front but leave the back for now a moment!

5) Now on the back of my wing base, i have 3 short strips of ribbon tacked down 3 side by side. you need these for the back portion of the straps.

6) thread the straps through the ribbon loops and clip the bra in place.

7) now just clasp on your bra! Preferably have a friend help you shimmy into it and then adjust the wings. if theyre too high or low just pull them up or down gently until theyre at the height you want and theyre straightened out.

8) Put on your blouse and once again, preferably have a friend help you out otherwise your arms look like chicken wings and they will cramp!

And there you have it!! comfy wings without that annoying harness! Happy cosplaying loves!

and for the wings, i followed this tutorial —->

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For the First Time in Forever Reprise (No Instruments)

I love how you can hear only their voice and the sound of the winds

So amazing!! I love the reprise song the best, and I’ll never get tired of these “No instruments” Frozen songs!

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